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Who We Are

Your Partner for Your Plan

We are here to help you:

  • Improve your employees’ retirement future
  • Keep you informed of new and changing regulations in regards to retirement plans

Since you have enough to do in running your organization each day, you can count on our:

  • Service
  • Technology
  • Experience

We will assist you with the day-to-day support of your plan.

Administration Training Related to Your School’s 403b Plan – This 15 minute video will explain more about your school’s 403b plan and what you need to know about administration and compliance.

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Our Key Advantages

  • Low cost platform
  • CPA-backed services – see our IRS Guarantee
  • IRS Audit Guarantee
  • Third party administration and recordkeeping
  • One-on-one plan assistance and design

Services Offered

Online Access

  • Ability to perform administrative tasks
  • Review plan provisions
  • Maintain employee data and eligibility
  • Process contributions
  • View plan activity (loans and distributions)
  • Access forms and reports
  • Develop comprehensive reports available online in multiple formats (PDF, Excel, Text, TIFF, and HTML) for printing or archiving

Sponsor Website Guide – This guide describes how to use the features on the sponsor side of the website.

Link to Website Guide

403b Educators Recap of Benefits – This 16 minute video reviews the basics of your retirement plan, explains the model portfolio with a recap of performance and details about the costs and discusses some financial education. This presentation is similar to the one that would have been showed by someone from our staff at your enrollment meeting.

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Third Party Administrative Services

  • Retirement plan recordkeeping and administrative services
  • Affordable price
  • IRS Audit Guarantee
  • Customization and amendments of your plan document
  • Compliance testing
  • Plan design to reach you and your employee’s goals

Investment Services

Ability to serve as your plan’s advisor with the following –

  • Provide a platform of choices – over 25,000 funds available
  • Model portfolios can be designed by the advisor
  • Ability to self direct investment options
  • Website with 24/7 access to employee’s accounts

About Our Firm

  • Access to multiple CPAs on staff
  • Administer numerous employee benefit services nationwide

Operational Forms

Below you will find forms you may need when working with your account. Please print off the appropriate form and complete the form in its entirety. Sign and date the form and send by one of the following methods:



403b Consultants LLC
PO Box 1264
Norfolk, NE 68702




Educational Resources

Financial education should be a lifelong endeavor — from encouraging children to save their allowances to helping adults plan for a secure retirement. The 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy website which is sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) offers general information for managing personal finances. Main topics include: credit and debt, the work world, spending and saving, in crisis, retirement planning, investor education, and taxes.

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy

Our firms have CPA’s on staff that have earned the certification of Personal Financial Specialist (PFS).*

*This designation can only be acquired by CPAs who are AICPA members (binding them to the Code of Professional Conduct), have a minimum of 1,400 hours of financial planning business experience, in addition to continuing education within the last five years and a comprehensive and rigorous personal financial planning exam.


What is a 403b plan?

A 403b plan is a salary reduction retirement plan. Once an employer adopts a 403b plan, eligible employees may choose to make contributions as well as possibly receive contributions made by the employer on their behalf.

How do I contribute to my 403b plan?

Complete the Enrollment Form and the amount is automatically deducted from your paycheck.

When are contributions deposited into my 403b plan?

No more than 15 days after being withdrawn from your paychecks.

Do I pay taxes on 403b plan contributions?

403b plan contributions and any earnings on your contributions are not subject to income taxes until you withdraw the funds (assuming it is a non-ROTH contribution). Participation in a 403b plan does not reduce your Social Security benefits.

May I make changes to my contribution amount during the year?

You may stop or begin your salary deferral for 403b plan contributions anytime with advance notice (subject to Employer Plan Document – contact your plan administrator).

How much may I contribute to my 403b plan each year?

YearEmployee deferral contribution limit“Catch-up” contributions for workers 50+Total Contribution Limit (with catch-up)

May I withdraw money from my 403b plan (subject to Employer Plan Document – contact your plan administrator)? 

Your 403b plan contributions are meant for retirement, but you can withdraw for:

  • Loans (minimum of $1,000)
  • Hardship distributions (such as death, disability, etc.)
  • Permissive Service Credits

Federal and state taxes and/or penalties may apply (contact your tax advisor or financial provider).

Can I roll/transfer other retirement accounts into my 403b?

Yes, this feature is allowed to consolidate various accounts into one (subject to Employer Plan Document – contact your plan administrator).

How often will I receive information about my 403b plan?

You’ll automatically receive statements quarterly and have access to your account online day or night. You are able to print a statement on demand for any period you select.